Method Biosanus - The fusion of the integrative Medicine


Biosanus means healthy life. Our health has an influence on our happiness and our positive lifestyle. With Biosanus we can support our health at all levels. The aim is the personal development of wellness and happiness.

With the knowledge of more than 25 years of experience we accompany people in their path of life. Our talents are tact and sensibility with which we can feel what each client needs individually.

Bio means for us nature and reality. There is a natural process of healing, with no side-effects and will be done without effort. We chose for you the easiest and most efficient methods of the integrative medicine.

The integrative medicine contains the complementary medicine as well as the conventional one. Biosanus assists their clients in their treatment with conventional medicine and does not exclude its use.

Each one of our methods contains self-help for daily use. The person who uses self-help also learns with time to help and support itself. After short time the clients feel more free, relaxed, balanced and calmer.

The objective of Biosanus is the development of an individual healthiness. At all levels health can be regained in order to be the ones we are and want to be. For this purpose any requirements or beliefs are needed, only the desire to change the own life as well as the willingness and curiosity to go into a new process.


We work with our clients mainly as pair. You profit by the female and male perception and the view of two different people. From this completeness, emerges a unique experience and a more intense treatment.

When nothing helps, let yourself be surprised! Pleasant and amazing moments will happen, which sometimes can be quite magic.

We would like to go along with you in a stage of your life.


Sabine Haenni and Jesús Sanjaime