Bio magnetic Therapy

The bio magnetic Therapy works with a bio magnetic forcepair, discovered and developed in 1988 by mexican doctor Isaac Goiz Duran. The Bio magnetic Method uses the magnetic field in our body. A misbalance in the magnetic field will be appreciated as an issue or sickness.

The theory of Dr Goiz says that a lot of llnesses are generated by combinations of the essential changes of our pH values within the body and the existence of virus and bacteria. Each sickness starts with two linked points, which have the same bioenergetic characteristics, but are in different body parts. In one of these points dominates an acidosis and on the other point an alkalosis, which means that in one point is the virus in the other the bacteria. Through the use of only two magnetos in south or north pole at determined energy points virus and bacteria can losetheir pathogenic effect.

About the origin of the magnet therapy recordings were found in ancient Egypt, China and India, which are about 3500 years old. Around the first century after Chr. a Greek shepherd named “Magnes” was the first who discovered the power of the magnets in the occidental civilization. The peak of his iron stick stayed attracted by this stone and he put part of this stone in his shoes so that he was able to walk long distances.

The discovery of this stone which is a natural magnet and for example attracts iron filings can also be found in written documents by Aristoteles. The European alchemists used the magnetic stone for healing. Through the journey of Fernando Magellan, at the time of Gallileo Galilei, it was discovered that Earth is a big round magnet with a north and south pole.

Also Paracelsus used this knowledge about magnetism in order to treat body inflammations.

Therefore we see that this Science was known for many years.

The Earth is a big magnet with 0.5 Gauss and conducts its waves to all the living organisms.

The bio magnetic method is as a medical integrative Therapy which can be used for all treatments and is also compatible with other Therapies and the conventional medicine.